To enable children & adults with behavioral and mental health challenges to rediscover joy in daily living and lead fulfilling lives.

  • Therapeutic Behavioral Services

    Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS) is a short-term program that focuses on changing a child’s behavior, while emphasizing the child’s strength. It is available for eligible children who are in jeopardy of being placed in a residential treatment facility or a high-level group home or who are returning home from such a placement.

  • Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program

    Our Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP) is a rehabilitation treatment program for individuals with chronic mental illness that is based on the recovery and person-centered models of rehabilitation. Individuals are provided skills and support to embrace their mental wellness, to enhance the quality of their life, and to pursue personally valued roles in their living.
  • Rehabilitative Mentoring

    Our Rehabilitative Mentoring Program is a support service rendered to youth usually in the care of the local department of social services office at the request of the youth’s case worker. Our mentoring staff will provide community supervision, transportation, and behavioral management to clients as needed, along with development of daily life skills as well.

    Changing Turn offers you the opportunity to discuss your child or adult love one’s behavior with a professional at no charge. This confidential 15 minute phone consultation allows you to identify the troublesome behavior displayed by the young child, teenager, or adult in your family and and helps to distinguish typical emotional development from other behavior which may require additional mental health support services or interventions.